Online Internet Applications

Custom built applications to make maximum leverage of web based technologies. Makes full use of e-commerce technologies, and internet/intranet to facilitate both in-house and publicly available applications. Typical examples include shipment and parcel-tracking software, on-line reservation systems, as well as on-line catalog and shoppping sites. Full fledged security systems allow restricted access wherever necessary.

Integrated SmartAttend / SmartPay

The latest in Biometric technology – fingerprint scanning devices are designed to be installed literally anywhere, and a user friendly Time Attendance Software provides all manner of management report to track employee attendance and timings.  Works great for any office environment and for all types of factories.


Comprehensive Human Resource solution to complement existing SmartPay and SmartAttend
attendance software.

Upcoming, soon to be released, HR software solution that integrates fully with the SmartPay payroll software and provides advanced HR document management (CVs, certificates, id, driving license, etc) as well as advanced process information for recruitment, interviews, offer letters, staff reviews, performance analysis reporting and many other features.


Advanced asset tracking and management software, complete with barcode-compatible formats, multi-location capabilities and enterprise-wide asset management features.

Tea / Coffee Software Systems

Software systems for Tea Exporters, Warehouses and Brokers, covering all operations and documentation requirements, such as Delivery Orders, Loading Instructions, Shipping Notes, Packing Lists and Invoices. Also provides accurate stock and valuation reports as required. Highly flexible and wide range of reports available.   Similar coffee processing system covers complete processing cycle and provides accurate stock reports.


Versatile, inventory control system ideal for small to medium sized businesses requiring real time cash sale and invoicing systems. Includes integrated Stock Control System, Sales & Purchases, Creditors and Debtors Management, Ageing Reports, and VAT reports. Very flexible and user friendly.

Smartpay Software

Highly intuitive and user-friendly Payroll software designed for Kenyan businesses. Covers all staturtory and other requirements from automatic calculations of PAYE, NSSF, NHIF, Benefits and special benefit laws to interactive, easy to use interfaces for entering monthly information for employees.

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