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What Companies Say About SmartPay

We have been using SmartPay for the last three years and it suits our payroll software needs very well. It is extremely user friendly to the extent that it can be used quite easily by a person with very basic computer literacy skills. Its report generating utility is particularly outstanding, generating numerous comprehensive and very well laid out reports.
In Conclusion, we have never regretted purchasing SmartPay....it was money well spent!

Sollatek Electronics (KENYA) Ltd

"SmartPay, a payroll program for the Kenyan market, its various utilities and its flexibility for adopting to the market /statutory needs is very comforting, naturally with Jafftek's support behind it.

Pollmans Tours & Safaris, Mombasa Kenya

SmartPay payroll software has revolutionised the way the monthly payroll of a company may be prepared. It did not take long to get used to SmartPay and that any minor changes that had to be made could not have been made so easily. The reports that can be extracted are exhaustive and very useful to our company....

Transenergy Kenya Ltd (GAPCO), Mombasa Kenya

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